Ordering Beef

Our fresh organic beef is available each month. To guarantee availability you are very welcome to place your order in advance.Meat is available frozen at any time throughout the month. Our beef is available in two sizes of box containing approximately 5kg or 10kg of beef with a selection of different cuts, steaks and joints. Purchasing by the box will save you approximately 10% when purchasing the Langford box and 20% when purchasing the Large Langford. Our roasting joints are typically 1-1.5kg approximately in weight. The mince, shin, braising and stewing steak comes in packs of approximately 500g and the steaks are around 500g for 2 steaks.

The Langford - 5kg - £55

Contains 1 x 1.5kg topside joint or silverside joint, 1.5kg beef mince, 1.5kg braising or stewing steak, 0.5kg of rump or sirloin steak

The Large Langford - 10kg - £100

Contains 1 x 1.5kg topside joint, 1 x 1.5kg silverside joint, 1 x 1.5kg slow roast/pot roast joint, 2.5 kg beef mince, 2kg braising or stewing steak, 0.5kg rump steak, 0.5kg, sirloin steak

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Langford Organic Beef - The Langford Box ready for delivery