Ordering Beef

As our beef is slow grown, our fresh organic beef is usually only available once a month. To guarantee availability, you are very welcome to place your order in advance and we will let you know when our next delivery is due to be. Our beef is available in a range of different size boxes containing a selection of cuts, steaks and joints. Our roasting joints are typically approximately 1-1.5kg in weight. The mince, shin, braising and stewing steak come in packs of approximately 500g and the steaks are approximately 500g for 2 steaks.

If you prefer, cuts can also be purchased individually rather than as a box.
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The Large Langford - 10kg - £120

Contains 1 x 1.5kg topside or top rump joint, 1 x 1.5kg slow roasting joint, 3kg beef mince, 2kg braising or stewing steak, 1kg beef minute/frying steak, 0.5kg rump steak, 0.5kg, sirloin steak

The Langford - 5kg - £65

Contains 1 x 1.5kg topside or top rump joint, 1.5kg beef mince, 1.5kg braising or stewing steak, 0.5kg of rump or sirloin steak

The Little Langford - 3.5kg - £42.50

Contains 1 x 1.5kg top rump or slow roasting joint, 0.5kg braising steak, 0.5kg stewing steak, 0.5kg minute steaks, 0.5kg beef mince

The Langford Grill - £25

Contains 3 packs of 4 beefburgers, approx 1kg beef sausages and 0.5kg minute steaks

The weights of the individual packs contained in a box are approximate, but the total weight of the box specified is a minimum weight. Where any substitute items are necessary, they will always be to an equivalent value. Subject to availability, it is also possible to request that you would prefer your box to contain particular items and these can be substituted for items to an equivalent value.

Click here to see our individual cut price list
Langford Organic Beef - The Langford Box ready for delivery