Ordering Beef

Our fresh organic beef is usually available each month. To guarantee availability you are very welcome to place your order in advance. Our beef is available in a range of different size boxes containing a selection of cuts, steaks and joints. Our roasting joints are typically 1-1.5kg approximately in weight. The mince, shin, braising and stewing steak come in packs of approximately 500g and the steaks are approximately 500g for 2 steaks.

The Large Langford - 10kg - £110

Contains 1 x 1.5kg topside or top rump joint, 1 x 1.5kg silverside joint, 1 x 1.5kg slow roast chuck/blade or brisket joint , 2.5 kg beef mince, 2kg braising or stewing steak, 0.5kg rump steak, 0.5kg, sirloin steak

The Langford - 5kg - £60

Contains 1 x 1.5kg topside, top rump or silverside joint, 1.5kg beef mince, 1.5kg braising or stewing steak, 0.5kg of rump or sirloin steak

The Little Langford - 3.5kg - £40

Contains 1 x 1.5kg top rump or silverside joint, 0.5kg braising steak, 0.5kg stewing steak, 0.5kg minute steaks, 0.5kg beef mince

The Langford Grill - £25

Contains 3 packs of 4 beefburgers, approx 1kg beef sausages and 0.5kg minute steaks

The individual weights are approximate, but the total weight specified is a minimum. Where substitutes prove necessary, they will be to a higher value.

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Langford Organic Beef - The Langford Box ready for delivery