Our Homebred Beef

We rear traditional British breeds of cattle known for the quality of their meat, with an excellent reputation for well marbled, tender beef with a rich depth of flavour. All the beef without exception is from cattle which have been homebred here at Langford Farm, so you can be confident of the provenance and full traceability of the meat from our farm to you. We only use Pedigree Beef Bulls, these registered sires are the same as those required by the high quality food retailers for their own beef. We use a local Soil Association approved abattoir to ensure the distance travelled is kept to a minimum for animal welfare and as there is a strong link between low stress and good meat quality. Although our farm, the cattle and the abattoir are certified as organic, the beef is not certified as organic as the local butcher that we use does not have organic certification.

Understanding Beef

It is important to know about the different cuts of beef because this determines how tender the meat is and therefore how best to cook it. The juiciest and most tender area is the rib and loin where steaks, rib and loin roasts are taken. The meat from here is very tender and so can be cooked by dry heat such as roasting, grilling or frying.

The front of the animal is the hardest working and therefore the meat is firmer. Cuts taken from these parts are just as delicious and tasty but to enjoy them they need moist cooking methods such as stewing, pot or slow roasting.

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