Langford Homebred Beef - The Herd out in the fields

The Farm

Soil Association Organic

Langford Farm is a 200 acre family run certified organic dairy and beef farm in the village of Woollard in North Somerset.

Our farm has been farmed organically for over 20 years and is inspected and licensed by the Soil Association, the UK's leading food and farming organic certification body. We are also accredited by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme for both Dairy and Beef. Our farm is also part of an environmental scheme called the Countryside Stewardship, a voluntary agreement with Natural England, to farm our land in ways that further protect the environment and wildlife.

The farm is mostly permanent pasture and hay meadows, full of native grasses and wild flowers. All of our grassland is termed as 'unimproved' which means it has not been enhanced with anything artificial to make it more productive. Our organic farming system works in harmony with nature. Our soils are naturally rich and healthy and our organic management helps to produce good quality grass which means our animals have the best natural food and nourishment mother nature can offer. Being organic encourages the abundant wildlife habitats to thrive because we do not use any pesticides or artificial fertilisers and as a result our species rich grasslands are a true haven for flora and fauna. As well as our ancient bluebell woodland the farm has over 10km of hedgerows which not only provide a wonderful wildlife reservoir but also provide shelter and shade for our animals during the seasons.