The Dairy and Beef Herd

Soil Association Organic

All our animals are homebred, with their breeding lines going back to my grandfathers herd and their descendants still grazing the same lush pastures today. It is not uncommon, in our herd, for our cows to have their daughters and granddaughters milking in the parlour alongside them. We are proud of the longevity of our cows and that all our animals are home bred and reared here at Langford Farm. As a consequence you can be assured of how they have been cared for and their full traceability and provenance.

Our milking herd are British Friesian dairy cows ,sired by Pedigree British Friesian bulls. Each year we produce around 100,000 litres of organic milk which either feeds our dairy bred calves reared on the farm, supplies our own milk vending machine at the farmgate or is collected by the milk tanker.
Milk is collected every other day by our local organic milk cooperative, Organic Herd, who then supply various milk processors, most notably Yeo Valley just down the road from here.

The milk vending machine at the farmgate dispenses whole, gently pasteurised, unhomogenised, organic milk produced on our farm. The vending machine accepts contactless card payments as well as cash. Reusable glass bottles are available to purchase, which you can bring back and refill each time or you are welcome to bring your own clean container.

We rear our own beef calves from the beef suckler herd. We are proud to rear traditional native British breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Welsh Black and Devon cattle. These slow maturing breeds are perfectly suited to grazing our rich permanent pastures. All of our beef animals have Pedigree Beef Sires, these registered sires are the same as those required by the high quality food retailers for their own beef. All our cattle are out grazing at grass all year round, with the exception of the winter months when the weather doesn't allow then to stay out and it's too cold for the grass to grow. During this time they come into the barns around the farmyard and are fed on conserved grass silage and meadow hay made earlier in the spring and summer.

Excellent livestock husbandry and care is essential on any farm but with organic farming methods the animals are not routinely treated with veterinary medicines. The use of antibiotics is limited by the Soil Association and some are prohibited. If an animal needs to be treated, then the medicine withdrawal period that has to be observed on an organic farm is twice as long as in conventional farming, to ensure that antibiotic residues do not end up in our food chain. We raise our animals for good health and rear breeds that suit our organic farming system. The animals are reared in a non intensive way, ensuring a stress free environment, so that they are free to express their natural behaviour. We take great pride in rearing our animals to the highest welfare and organic standards.

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